"Dictator" joke

Olie and Lena are getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Lena comes out almost naked except for a ribbon with a lemon tied around her waist.
Olie days, "Lane, is that what you're going to wear?"
Lena says, "Yes Olie, it is."
Then Olie goes back and comes out almost naked except for a ribbon with a potato tied around his waist
Lena asks, "Olie, is that what you're gonna wear to the party?"
Olie says, "Yes, I figured if you could go as a sour puss, I could go as a dictator."

This political joke is from the book "From Beirut to Jerusalem," by
Thomas Friedman.
A minister goes to the Syrian dictator Hafez Assad after a national election.
Minister: I have excellent news, Mr. President! You won 98.6% of the
vote in the election! more...


Q: How many members of the Impossible Missions Force does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Five: While Cinnamon creates a diversion by wearing a skimpy dress, I use a tiny narcotic dart to knock out the fascist dictator and remove his body. Rollin, wearing a plastic mask, more...

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