"Computer Pranks" joke

1. THE PRINTER SHREDDER: This simple device can be added on to any printer, and will shred any document the comes out of it.

2. FAKE MOUSE: a fake mouse runs in a wheel that is connected to your computer. as the mouse spins slower/faster, your screen will become darker/lighter "yeah. I just installed it. It really saves on power costs."

3. AUTO BAD SPELLER: This program can take any document, randomly choose correctly spelled world and then spell them incorrectly.

4. TALKING COMPUTER: This simple program, when put on someone's computer, whispers "psst! Hey Bob!" at random intervals.

5. SMOKER: This simple add on makes a monitor smoke. The amount of smoke will increase with the length of time the computer is used.

6. RANDOM ERROR: When installed, this will generate insensible error messages extremely often, no matter what they are doing at the time.

7. TRACER: This program will generate messages such as "you have been traced trying to hack into the Pentagon's secret files. The SWAT team has been dispatched and will arrive shortly. they have been advised to shoot to kill." while the person is working on the internet.

8.) COPUTER BOMB: Fake computer bomb. When the victim turns his computer on, his screen will be filled with the message: "WARNING computer bomb has been detected in system. It will be activated in ten seconds. Please enter deactivation code." after ten seconds the computer will turn itself off and refuse to come on again until he next day.

9. CD LASER: This is just like an ordinary CD-ROM except in one respect. Its laser is higher powered, so when the computer reads CD it erases all the information from it.

10. WINDOWS' 95: This is the most evil one yet. it has random and insensible error messages, it has no storage system, it is impossible to understand, and is generally a complete disaster. in short, it is no different from the real thing.

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