"Be Poetic" joke

"When a customer comes into the shop, be very polite to them and try to put a little poetry into it when you're talking to them."
The youth says that he does not see what the pharmacist means by this, so the pharmacist says that he should observe when the next customer comes in and watch how he or she is dealt with.
Presently a middle aged woman comes in to the shop and asks for something for a tummy bug.
The pharmacist says, "There's a lot of that virus going about, but this pink mixture should sort you out!"
"Oh thank you very much!" says the middle aged woman and she leaves the shop.
So the pharmacist says the youth can serve the next customer while he goes to tea break, "And remember to put some poetry into it" he says.
Anyway, the youth waits around and nobody comes in, so he decides to go to the restroom. Just as he's about to nip off, a young teenage girl comes in.
"Can I help you?" he asks. She replies very embarrassedly that she would like to buy some sanitary towels, to which the youth replies:
"Hang on Miss, I'm dying for a piss, but I'll be back in a flash, with a sash for your gash!"

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