"Banjo Joke" joke

Darrell the banjo picker's canonical list of Banjo Jokes...
(You've been warned)
Approved for all audiences
o What's the difference between a banjo and a(n)...
A. onion
No one cries when you cut up a banjo.
(b.) Uzi
An Uzi only repeats forty times.
(c.) chain saw
A chain saw has a dynamic range
and you can turn a chain saw off.
(d.) Harley Davidson motorcycle
You can tune a Harley.
(e.) Trampoline
You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.
o Playing the banjo is a lot like throwing a javelin blindfolded...you don't
have to be very good to get people's attention.
o What did the banjo player get on his IQ (or SAT) test?
o Why do some people take an instant aversion to banjo players?
It saves time in the long run.
o What will you never say about a banjo player?
That's the banjo player's Porsche.
o Banjo players are a lot like sharks-they think they have to keep playing or
they will sink...
o How can you tell the difference between all the banjo songs?
By their names...(used to be Irish fiddle tunes)
o The sixth fret on a banjo is a lot like the thirteenth floor on a building
You don't really need one.

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