"Acme Companies" joke

Acme Rope, Inc. -
Knot your ordinary company.
Acme Mine Shafts -
Drop in any time
Acme Lollipops -
One lick and you'll stick with us.
Acme Light Company -
We have lots of bright ideas.
Acme Clown Make-up -
Let us put a smile on your face.
Acme Perfume Corp. -
We love it when business stinks.
Acme Air Conditioning -
We show people how to chill out.
Acme Toy Company -
Our work is kids' play.
Acme Perfume Company -
Our work is all dollars and scents.
Acme Almond Company -
We're nuts!
Acme Sheep Farm -
Our mind is on ewe.
Acme Calculators -
We help you solve your problems.
Acme Flower Bulbs -
We root for you.
Acme Psychologists -
Visit us and you won't go away mad!
Acme Poultry Management -
Let us count your chickens before they hatch.

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