"A Good Time" joke

A man has been down on his luck and has not been with a woman for a very long time and to make matters worse he only has 2 dollars to his name.
He goes to a local brothel and asks the owner if he can have a good time there for 2 dollars.
"2 dollars, I don't think so, beat it!" says the owner
The guy starts to cry and goes on to explain all that has been going on in his life.
The owner says "ok buddy, give me the 2 dollars and go to the second floor 3rd door on the right"
The man hands over his 2 dollars and goes to the room and when he enters the only thing in the room is a chicken. He ponders it for a bit looks around the room carefully to make sure no one is watching, once he finds out no one is watching he decides he is gong to have sex with the chicken. But alas as hard as he tries he can't catch the chicken and he finally gives up and leaves.
A few months later the guys luck has turned around and he has a well paying job. He returns to the same brothel walks up to the owner, slaps $200 on the counter and says "I want to the most fun your brothel has to offer"
The owner takes the money and tells the guy to go to the trird floor third door on the right.
The guy takes off and runs up to the room and when he gets there all he sees is a circle of guys staring at a hole in the floor basically killing themselves laughing.
The guy walks over and asks one of the guys what's so funny.
The guy points at the hole in the floor almost unable to control his laughter he blurts out "Look at that idiot down there trying to fuck that chicken!!"

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