"A Diamond is a Man's Worst Friend" joke

Women get a diamond ring when they get engaged. What do we get? A lousy blowjob. We spend $5,000 on a ring and that's it? Do you know how many blowjobs you can get for five grand? May I add that none would be lousy.
Well, if a woman gets an engagement ring, why don't we get something in return? (Women always say,"You get me!" Well I've had you!) I need something else, like maybe an engagement flatscreen, plasma T.V. We can both enjoy the plasma T.V. We both can't enjoy your diamond ring. And when we have kids we can enjoy it as a family.
Now, that's an engagement present that makes sense. And when the kids are off to school and you're off to work, I can continue to enjoy my engagement present and watch porn in HDTV!

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