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    A man visits a watchmaker and asks if it's possible to make a clock out of potatoes. The experienced watchmaker replied it's possible to make a clock out of just about anything, but he'd never made one out of potatoes before, and he'd have to do some research. Later that day he calls the customer and tells him he can make one, but it will take about 2-weeks before it's ready.

    A fortnight later the customer calls back and lo and behold the clock is ready. Delighted with the result, the customer pays the watchmaker and starts to leave the shop, when the watchmaker says, "... er, excuse me for asking, but this was a most unusual request... may I enquire why you want a clock made out of potatoes?"

    "Certainly," replies the customer, "... just before I saw you last, I went for a job interview and we discussed my skills and experience. The interview went pretty well and the man said I can have the job providing I can get a Potato Clock."

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