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    "You have a very rare and extremely contagious condition," the doctor told his patient. "We're going to put you in an isolation unit, where you'll be on a diet of pancakes and pizza."
    "Will pancakes and pizza cure my condition?"
    "No," replied the doctor. "They're the only things we can slip under the door."

    A man went to the doctor with a really bad infection. The doctor informed him he had Aids with just about every kind of infection there is to go along with it.
    The patient asked the doc what they were going to do for him. The doc answered that he was going to put him on a diet.
    "A diet! What kind of diet?" questioned the patient.
    "Pizza & pancakes," answered the doc.
    "Pizza and pancakes! Will that help?" queried the patient.
    The doctor replied: "I don't know, but it's the only thing we know of that we can slide under the door to you."

    A man returns from the Middle East and is feeling very ill. He goes to see his doctor, and is immediately rushed to the hospital to undergo some tests.
    The man wakes up after the tests in a private room at the hospital, and the phone by his bed rings. "This is your doctor. We have the results back from your tests and we have found you have an extremely nasty STD called G.A.S.H. It's a combination of Gonorrhea, AIDS, Syphilis, and Herpes!"
    "Oh my gosh," cried the man, "What are you going to do, doctor?"
    "Well we're going to put you on a diet of pizzas, pancakes, and pita bread." replied the doctor.
    "Will that cure me?" asked the man.
    The doctor replied, "Well no, but, it's the only food we can slide under the door."

    A boy is about to go on his first date, and is nervous about what to talk about. He asks his father for advice. The father replies: "My son, there are three subjects that always work. These are food, family, and philosophy."The boy picks up his date and they go to a soda fountain. Ice cream sodas in front of them, they stare at each other for a long time, as the boy`s nervousness builds. He remembers his father`s advice, and chooses the first topic. He asks the girl: "Do you like potato pancakes?" She says "No," and the silence returns.After a few more uncomfortable minutes, the boy thinks of his father`s suggestion and turns to the second item on the list. He asks, "Do you have a brother?" Again, the girl says "No" and there is silence once again.The boy then plays his last card. He thinks of his father`s advice and asks the girl the following question: "If you had a brother, would he like potato pancakes?"

    These are intended for entertainment purposes only. We do not advise that you ever do these things to a roommate or yourself.
    165. Make pancakes every morning, but don't eat them. Draw faces on them, and toss them in the closet. Watch them for several hours each day. Complain to your roommate that your "pancake farm" isn't evolving into a self-sufficient community. Confide in your roommate that you think the king of the pancakes has been taking bribes.

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