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    What's the difference between a Porsche and a hedgehog?
    A hedgehog has its pricks on the outside.

    Why did the hedgehog cross the road?
    To visit its flat mate!

    One day a young girl accidentally walks in to the bathroom whilst her mother is taking a shower. Shocked she looks down at her mothers lower regions and asks "Mummy whats that???". Her mother blushingly replies "Ohh thats my little hedgehog" and then tells the girl to leave room. About 2 weeks later the young girl is visiting her grandmother, when she accidentaly walks in to the bathroom whilst she's taking a bath. Shocked she points to her grandmother lower regions and says "Grandma whats that?", to which her grandmother replied "Ohh that's my little hedgehog". At this point the girl ran out of the bathroom screaming and ran toward her mother, shouting and crying "Mummy, Mummy Grandma's hedgehog is dead". "Why??" asks her mother, "Because all its guts are hanging out replied the girl"

    Tommy the Hedgehog was one of a rare sub-division which suffered a small but significant genetic defect.
    This defect manifested itself in a malformed penis, which divided into four branches; though a little unusual, it was a good way to meet a lot of intrigued girl hedgehogs, so Tommy was a rather proud of this abnormality.
    One peculiarity of his family was the way that he slept; curled up in a ball, lying on his back, and it was while taking a nap one day that he felt a terrible pain in the genital region.
    He jumped up to see his penis disappear down the throat of a large cat.
    "What the HELL are you playing at?" shouted Tommy; "I'm awfully sorry," replied the cat, "it's just that I'm a four-point tool eater jaguar."

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