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    there are 3 israelis AVI GOLAN AND NIR. these guys are smart as can be. these three just finished high school and they fly all the way from tel aviv israel to cancun. they get to cancun and saw only girls. but girls that you will die for. AVi GOLAN and NIR were the pimps in cancun. they would have sex with each and every girls when they disere. untill one day the kind returned form his palace and found out AVI GOLAN and NIR had sex with his girls. the man caught the 3 guys and said you GOLAN what does your dad do for a living? he says " my dad works with chainsaws. the king simply takes a chain saw takes his private off. the second man NIR what does your dad do for a living? NIR says "my dad works with steak knives" the kind got a steak knife and cut his private off. the 3rd one AVI was smart his dad worked with guns. the king asks AVI what does your dad do for a living? "my dad sells ice cream bars so bend down and start licking" the kind shut up and walked more...

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