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    An old couple was preparing for bed while on their honeymoon. When the man took his socks off, his bride noticed he only had two or three toes.
    "Oh goodness," she said, "what happened to your feet?" "I had Tolio," he replied.
    "You mean Polio?" she asked. "No, Tolio," he said.
    Next he removed his pants and she saw that his knees were bent backwards.
    "Wow! What happened to your knees?" she asked. "I had Knee Coli," he answered.
    "E. Coli?" asked the wife. "No," he replied, "Knee Coli."
    Finally, he removed his underwear.
    "Oh, let me guess," she said, "Smallcox?"

    The Food and Drug Administration stated late Friday that the source of the E. coli outbreak has been identified as the Jolly Green Giant.
    Jolly, who was forced to stand up for years on end, while seeing his popularity fade, admitted responsibilty in a "sick" attempt to gain publicity and attention.

    Getting e.coli poisoning from Taco Bell is kind of like getting your car stolen in Newark. All your buddies say they are sorry to hear about it, but get to do it in that annoying “what did you expect” tone.

    Fact of the day: Coli is latin for "of the colon". Thanks wikipedia!

    San Francisco - The number of people sickened by an E. coli outbreak traced to tainted spinach rose to 110 this morning as the famed Popeye The Sailor was found dead in his houseboat in the San Francisco bay area. Popeye was 98 years old.

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