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    Moon MissionNASA is launching a rocket to the moon. On board there are two pigs and Kiki, a stunning blonde. When the rocket is outside the stratosphere, the first stage drops off. Contact is made: "Houston here, Pig 1, Pig 1, do you read us? Over." "Oink, oink, here Pig 1, read you loud and clear." "Pig 1, do you still know your instructions?" "Yes, when we get to the moon, I press the red button to initiate the moon landing. Over." "That's right. Over and out." They go on until the rocket separates its booster stage." Hello, Pig 2? Come in please." "Oink, oink, here Pig 2, read you loud and clear." "OK, Pig 2 do you remember your instructions?" "Yes, when we've landed on the moon and are ready to leave, I press on the green button to initiate the launch program." "That's right, Pig 2. Over and out." An hour later, when the rocket has achieved the correct speed the last stage drops off more...

    there are two blonds in a car and one in a row boat in the middle of a wheat feild trying to row. the two blonds pass bye and one sayes its blonds like that that give us bad names. and the other one said ya if i could swim i would get out there and kick her ass.

    A blond is as cute as my great great great (etc.)grandpa and he died in 2001.
    The only resons blonds get dates faster because they are the stupitist.

    181. Q: What do you call a blonde in a tree with a brief case? A: Branch Manager. 182. Q: How did the dumb blonde break her leg raking leaves? A: She fell out of the tree. 183. Q: How do you get a one-armed blonde out of a tree? A: Wave at her. 184. Q: What do you call a smart blond? A: A golden retriever. 185. Q: How do you check a blonde's IQ? A: With a tire gauge. 186. Q: How does a blonde interpret6. 9? A: A 69 interrupted by a period. 187. Q: What did the blonde say when she looked into a box of Cheerios? A: "Oh look! Doughnut seeds!"188. Q: Why is it okay for blondes to catch cold? A: They don't have to worry about blowing their brains out. 189. Q: Why do blonds have two more brain cells than a cow? A1: So they don't shit everywhere when you pull their tits. A2: So that when you pull their tits, they don't moo. 190. Q: Why aren't BLONDES good cattle herders? A: Because the can't even keep two calves together! 191. Q: Why don't blonds breast feed? A: Because they always more...

    2 blonds walk into a bar .>..>...> u think 1 of them would of seen it!
    ( we arnt all dumb you no just 50% are )

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