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    A city boy went duck hunting in the country one day. While hunting
    he shot a duck which fell on the property of a farmer. The boy crawled
    over the fence to claim his kill. But, the farmer, seeing what had
    happened rushed out with his shotgun and yelled, "See here! That duck
    belongs too me!"
    The city boy replies, "But I shot the duck, therefore it belongs to me!"
    The farmer says, "It fell on my property so it belongs to me!" They
    continue to argue, each claiming ownership of the duck. After awhile the
    farmer says, "We should settle this the old-fashioned way."
    The city boy asks, "What is the 'old-fashioned way'?"
    The farmer explains, "First, I kick you in the groin. Then, you kick
    me in the groin and we continue in this fashion until one of us gives up.
    The one who wins gets the duck."
    The city boy, willing to do anything to get his duck and leave, agrees
    to the contest. more...

    A man passed away and went to Heaven. Upon arriving at the pearly gates, St. Peter said,' Come on in. I'll show you >around. I really think you'll like it here.' Walking through the gates, the man noticed that there were clocks everywhere. It appeared that Heaven was nothing more than a giant clock warehouse.

    Surprised at how Heaven looked, the man asked St. Peter,' what's the deal with all the clocks?' St. Peter replied,' they keep track of everybody on earth. There is one clock for each person. Every time someone tells a lie, his clock moves forward one minute. For instance,this clock belongs to Sam, a used car salesman. If you watch it closely,it will move any second.' Click! The minute hand on Sam's clock moved forward one minute. Click! It moved forward another minute.' Sam must be closing on a deal right now,' said St. Peter.' The minute hand on his clock moves all day long.'

    The man and St. Peter continued walking and soon came across a clock covered with more...

    Blonde, redhead, and a browhead boys all went up to a resturant the redhead went in and picked up a 5$ bill that was on a table then he heard a voice"
    I'm the ghost of Fable Able and that 5$ bill belongs on the table"
    so he ran out and told the brownhead.So the brownhead went in and picked the 5$ bill up off the table and he heard a voice"
    I'm the ghost of Fable Able and that 5$ bill belongs on the table"
    so he ran out then the brownhead told the blonde.So the blonde went in and he picked up the 5$ bill up noff the table and heard the same voice"
    I'm the ghost of Fable Able and that 5$ bill belongs on the table"
    So he said "
    I'M the son of Davey Crocett and his 5$ bill belongs in my pocket!"

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

    How can you tell which tricycle belongs to the blonde?
    It is the one with the kickstand.

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