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    Abraham is an old Jewish man who is a yarn merchant. He lives next door to the biggest anti-Semite in town. One day the anti-Semite calls up Abraham and says,' Hey Jew!!!... I need a piece of orange yarn. The length must be from the tip of your nose to the tip of your penis, and I want it delivered tomorrow.'

    Abe says,' OK.'

    The next morning the Anti-Semite is awakened at 7 AM by the sound of running engines. He runs outside to see a row trucks lined up one after the other, dumping truckful after truckful of orange yarn in his front yard. Soon his yard is a 5-foot deep sea of orange yarn. Abe then presents a bill for $18,000 to the anti-Semite.

    The guy starts yelling and screaming at Abe.' What is this? This is not what I asked for! I told you I needed a piece of yarn from the end of your nose to the tip of your penis. Look at this place! What do you have to say for yourself?'

    Straightfaced, Abe replies' I'm very careful when I deal with more...

    Abe is a new arrival at a retirement community, and is passing the morning sunning himself on a bench near the garden. Becky is out for her morning constitutional, spies Abe, and says "Do you mind?"

    "Not at all" Abe says, so Becky sits down on the opposite end of his bench.

    "So, you're new here" says Becky.

    "Yes" Abe nods.

    "So, where are you from?" asks Becky.

    "Washington" Abe answers.

    "The state or the capitol?" asks Becky.

    "The state" replies Abe.

    "So how old are you? asks Becky.

    "I'll be 52 in October.". Abe replies

    "What did you do in Washington?" asks Becky.

    "I was in prison" Abe says.

    "Really!" says Becky, "what did you do?"

    "My wife was always asking stupid questions, so I chopped her up and put her more...

    Abe and Esther are flying to Australia for a two-week vacation to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Suddenly, over the public address system, the Captain announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am afraid I have some very bad news. Our engines have ceased functioning and we will attempt an emergency landing. Luckily, I see an uncharted island below us and we should be able to land on the beach. However, the odds are that we may never be rescued and will have to live on the island for the rest of our lives!" Thanks to the skill of the flight crew, the plane lands safely on the island.
    An hour later Abe turns to his wife and asks, "Esther, did we pay our $5, 000 PBS pledge check yet?"
    "No, sweetheart," she responds.
    Abe, still shaken from the crash landing, then asks, "Esther, did we pay our American Express card yet?"
    "Oh, no! I'm sorry. I forgot to send the check," she says.
    "One last thing, Esther. Did you more...

    Knock Knock Who's there! Abe! Abe who? Abe C D E F G H...!

    An older man wearing a stovepipe hat, a waistcoat and a phoney beard sat down at a bar and ordered a drink. As the bartender set it down, he asked, "Going to a party?" "Yeah," the man answered, "I'm supposed to come dressed as my love life." "But you look like Abe Lincoln," protested the barkeep." That's right. My last four scores were seven years ago."

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