"What are They Doing?!" joke

Guy: I'm having a problem with it.
Girl: That's not surprising, it's very hard when you first learn.
Guy: It's not working. I can't get it up.
Girl: You just have to relax. It'll happen. You just have to work at it.
Guy: Alright, I'm supposed to do what with my tongue again??
Girl: Your tongue is the key, you have to use it like a tool. You have to know where to put your tongue where it's needed. Feel for problem areas.
Guy: pbpbpbpb. man. this sucks.
Girl: Try again. just go slower.
Guy: Its too hard!
Girl: Soften it up.
Guy: Show me again?
Girl: *shows him*
Guy: Alright, let me try now.
Girl: Your first time is an experience you'll always remember. I know you can do it!
Guy: *tries again* pbpbpbb sssssssssss... *POP!*
Girl: You did it!

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