"Three Tasks" joke

A guy enters a bar and sees a large jar with $10 bills in it. "What's with the jar of money?" he asks the bartender.
"We're having a contest," explains the bartender. "First you put $10 in the jar, then you have three tasks to complete. If you complete all three, you get the money that's in the jar."
"What the hell," the guy says, "I'll give it a try." He puts his money in the jar and asks what the tasks are.
"First," the bartender says, "you have to drink 10 shots of Tequila in a row without making a face. Second, my Doberman is out back and he has a sore tooth. You have to pull out his tooth, but I must warn you, he can be quite ferocious. Third, there's an old woman upstairs who's never had sex. You must have sex with her.
The guy agrees, so the bartender lines up the Tequila shots and he drinks them all down without making a face. Now quite drunk, he staggers out back and the bartender hears a lot of screaming and howling.
Finally, the guy stumbles back into the bar. His shirt is ripped to shreds and there's scratches all over him. "Ok," he utters, trying to catch his breath, "where's the old lady with the sore tooth?!?"

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