"The Old Prospector and His Mule" joke

An old prospector is riding on his mule in the desert, when he's suddenly confronted by a young, drunk and unruly cowboy. The young cowboy tells the prospector to get off the mule, then asks the prospector, "Hey, old-timer - do you know how to dance?" The prospector says, "No, I reckon I don't know how to dance."
So, the young cowboy pulls his six-gun out of its holster and unloads all six rounds right under the prospector's boots. The prospector danced up a storm while the blazing lead kicked up a storm right under his feet. The young, punk cowboy thought it was so funny he fell to the ground in laughter.
The prospector then casually walked over to his mule and pulled out a double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun and walked back behind the mule and lifted its tail straight into the air. He then pointed the shotgun at the cowboy and said, "Young man, have you ever kissed a mule's ass?"
The cowboy replied, "No, Mister Prospector... BUT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO!"

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