"The Foster affair fully explained" joke

Okay konspiracy lovers, the squadron leader for unmarked black helicopters has spilled the beans about the whole Foster Konspiracy:
It seems Bill Klinton (aka Devil Spawn, Klaytaxocchio, Billary, OurPhilanderInChief, etc.) Invited Vince FOSTER and Henry FOSTER over to the secret Hillary Condo for an evening which included consumption of large quantities of FOSTER's Lager followed by a trip to the FOSTER's Freeze for ice cream. Vince FOSTER got into an argument with Bill Klinton over the use of drug money laundered through the Whitewater accounts used to finance the construction of the aforementioned black helicopters. Vince FOSTER was done in by Hillary's personal OneWorldGovernmentGuard and spirited away, once again using the unmarked black helicopters.
Dr. FOSTER's involvement in the Konspiracy is even more astounding. It seems that OurPhilandererIn Chief's ways have "taken seed" a couple of times and it has been Dr. FOSTER's job to find FOSTER homes for the illicit offspring. Of course all the abortions Dr. FOSTER performed were for Klaytaxocchio's indiscretions.
The final question is motive. Why has Bill Klinton done all these dastardly deeds? The answer is surprisingly simple: It was to impress actress Jody FOSTER!

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