"Talking Animals" joke

A ventriloquist was driving through farm country one day when his car breaks down. He walks up to a nearby farm and asks the farmer if he can call a tow truck. The farmer said sure and the call was made. While waiting for the truck to arrive the ventriloquist asks the farmer for a tour. The farmer says sure thing and off they go. The first pen they come to is the pigs. The ventriloquist decides to have a little fun and throws his voice into the pig pen. As they are standing there the guy asks the pig "Pig how does the farmer here treat ya"? the pig replies "Well he feeds me garbage, but that's ok. He may end up eating one day but that's ok too" The farmer looks agast at the pig and says "Well that durn pig has never done that before" The ventriloquist smiles. The next pen they come to is the Horse stable. The Guy turns to the horse and asks "Mr. Horse, how is your life around this farm"? The horse says "Well he hooks me up to a plow and works me until I about fall over. Then he feeds me oats like it was some kind of gormet dish. I swear the guy is trying to kill me" The Farmer says "That horse has never been so talkitive"! The take off walking and come to the sheep pen. Before the ventriloquist can say anything the farmer looks at him real earnest and says "What ever those sheep say...Its a lie"!!!

A ventriloquist walks into a small Australian town and sees a local sitting on his porch patting his dog and figures he'll have a little fun.
Ventriloquist: 'G'day mate. Good looking dog... mind if l speak to him?'
Local: 'The dog doesn't talk, you stupid more...


A ventriloquist was driving in the country when he was attracted to alarge farm. He asked for and was given a tour.As he was shown through the barn, the ventriloquist thought he'd havesome fun. He proceeded to make one of the horses talk.The hired hand, wide-eyed with fear, more...

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