"So a blonde walks into an electronics store..." joke

...and she aproaches a salesman and states "I would like to buy that fine TV right there." He looks at her and says" I'm sorry miss, but I don't sell my equipment to blondes." Offended, she leaves, purchases a red wig and returns. She appraoches him again and repeats her initial question. He repeats himself "I'm sorry miss, but I do not sell my equiment to blondes!" So she leaves all in a rut and completely confused. She concludes that he must have seen her blonde hair under her wig, so she dyes it brown. She goes back and says "Sir, I would like to purchase that TV over there", he replies "listen miss, I DONT sell my equipment to blondes!" totally pissed off she asks "how do you know im a blonde?" He replies, "Becasue that's a microwave!"

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