"Sally and jimmy at sunday school" joke

one day in sunday school sally sat in fronte of jimmy and jimmy kept poking her with a pencil.when the teacher asked what do we say in church? jimmy poked sally and she blurted out HALLELUIAH.the teacher said correct.than the teacher asked what is jesuses real name jimmy poked sally in the back and she blurted out JESUS CRIST.the teacher replied yes than the teacher asked what did adam say to eve after thay had there 30th child jimmy poked sally and she yelled IF YOU STICK THAT THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME IM GOONA BREACK IT IN HALF the teacher says yes .and that was sally and jimmy in sunday school!.

one day sally was jumping on railroad tracks saying 21, 21, 21 then she sees a blonde and asks if she wants to jump with her and the blonde said sure so they are jumping and saying 21, 21, 21 and a train starts to come and sally jumps off and the blonde continues to jump the more...

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