"Political Correctness - renaming places" joke

Lake County, Minn.
Residents of Lake Coubnty, Minn. are thumbing their noses at a Minnesota state law mandating that they rename Squaw Creek and Squaw Bay to something less offensive.
Many of the state's 55,000 American Indians find the the word "squaw" historically used to describe an American Indian woman, to be an obscenity, according to a story in the New York Times.
Other Minnesota counties complied with the renaming law. Squaw was removed from the names of 19 sites - creeks ponds, and lakes, etc,
Not Lake County. They said there is nothing offensive in the term "squaw". The issue, they said, is whether local representation will rule or state bureaucracy.
Meanwhile in protest, they offered to rename the bodies of water Politically Correct Creek and Politically Correct Bay.
Source: Houston Chronicle

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Olie replied, more...

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