"Mac vs. Etch-a-Sketch:" joke

Mac vs. Etch-a-Sketch: You Decide __________ ______ ________ ______' But that isn't a fair comparison. People ______ ______ like the Etch-A-Sketch.' o o _ _ _ _ _________ (__________ ________)_Roger Earl [^] roger_earl@outbound. wimsey. bc. ca [_] __________After admiring the above signature I thought I'd post a comparison, similar to the other great computer wars. Etch-A-Sketch Mac ClassicNo. of Colours 2 2Resolution ~2000*~2000 512 * 342No. of buttons 2 1Preemptive Multitasking Yes NoHardware line draw Yes NoPrice < $20 ~ $1000Power Consumption No YesLaptop Yes NoSlow Operating System No YesNon Volatile Memory Yes NoChoice of Coloured box Yes NoRobust design (shakeable) Yes NoAfter considering the above options, I decided to buy the Etch-A-Sketch. For all you die-hard Amiga fanatics out there rumour has it that theEtch-A-Sketch-Emulator is coming out for the Amiga, and will in factbe faster than the true E-A-S.

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