"Lecher, Drunkard, Smoker and Devil" joke

Category: Situation
Body: A lecher, a drunkard and a smoker arrive at hell and the devil says to them:
"Don't worry, everything is happy here. To you, lecher, I am going to give you a full room of beautiful girls. To you, drunkard, I give you a thousand boxes of beer. And to you, smoker, I give you one ton of cigarettes. I will return after 10 years to see how you are."
The 10 years passed and the devil returns. The lecher, happily, says to the devil: "Give me more girls than these, they are already boring to me." Soon it's going to see the drunkard and, also happily, says to the devil: "Give me more beers. I have already finished all of them". At last, it's going to see the smoker. But the devil finds the smoker has gotten very upset, and asks him: "Why you are annoying if I have given one ton of cigarettes?"
Why was the smoker annoying, even if the devil had given him one ton of cigarettes?
Hint: Read carefully.

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