"Just hanging out" joke

A plumber, an electrician, a dentist and a programmer are fast friends:
buddies for life, eternal bachelors..until the programmer announces he is
getting married. Never ones to pass up a golden opportunity, the three
compadres find out the name and location of the hotel where the programmer will
be honeymooning, and bribe the desk clerk to let them in to rig a few
'welcome' surprises.
A week after returning from the honeymoon, the programmer meets his buddies
in a bar for drinks, and half-heartedly chuckles with them over the gags.
Pointing to the plumber, he comments "Yeah, the drippy faucet you couldn't
turn off was a neat trick." And to the electrician: "And a flickering
table lamp with no off switch was cute, too." Then, shaking a fist at the
dentist "But, you! YOU! Novacaine in the Vaseline was one cheap shot!"
Steven Swinkels, Manager, UTS CASE Development, Amdahl Corporation

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