"Father up in Heaven." joke

A religious young man who was trained to be preacher was dating
a gorgeous young girl and one day he happend to be in the country
side under a large tree haveing a picknic with his girl friend.
After while, he started kissing the girl and became lusty and
wanted to make love to her right under the tree; but he felt
gulity due to hisreligous traning and decided to pray & ask God for
his forgiveness, and yet make love.
The Young piously knelt on his knees and asked, " Farher above, Farther
above, let me have a go with my girl!"
All of a sudden a deep, solemn voice came down from the tree and the voice
said, " Son below, son below, you may have a go!"
The young man was so happy and he made passionate love to the
girl right under the tree.
After a while our hero got horney again, wanted to make love
Again he decided to ask the God, just like the first time. Again,
he knelt down and asked, " Farther above, Farther above
let have a another go, becuase the first one was so good"
Again a solemn voice came down, and said, " yes, son below,
son below, you may have a another go".
So, again young man made passionate love to his girl friend
under the same tree and satisfied his desires.
Now, after a while our young man got horney again, decided
to ask for permission from God to make love again.
Again, he knelt down prayed under the tree. " Farther above,
farther above, let me have a one more go please." expecting
the God to give him permission to make love again.
Then, after while, a solem, yet broken down voice came down from
the tree, " Son below, son below, let me also have a go."

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