"Elastic Bands" joke

There was a young girl who had just gotton engaged to a very Catholic young man, and she was very happy. The only problem was her husband thought that she was a virgin, and she wasn't. She was afraid that her husband would be able to tell when they finally had sex, so she went to a doctor and asked him what she should do.
The doctor told her "Wrap and elastic band around your leg, and when you finally have sex, snap the elastic band so that it makes a sound. When he asks what it is, tell him that it's your virginity snapping.
So the big night finally comes, and when they start going at it, she snaps the elastic band, just like the doctor told her to.
Her bridegroom yells "Auugggh! What's that!!??!!".
The woman says "Don't worry honey, it's just my virginity snapping" to which her husband replies "Well snap it again, it's got my b*lls!"

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