"Cables and cords" joke

Today I had just changed my desk. They came, took the old one away, and brought in the new one. And then left. They left me with the computer on the floor and about a billion cables to plug in. Plugging in cables was OK, because I know computers good enough. But, the cables themselves!
It seems that if you leave a cable alone, it tends to form knots. Not simple knots (the type your shoelace get, those one that makes you cut the lace!) but really crazy, schizophrenic knots. So, I thought that if a cable means knots, than more cable mean more knots. Wrong! If you get more cable together, they weave. In twenty minutes, the cable wove by themselves a nice sweater. I pulled it apart, since I needed the cables more.
The second thing I learned about cables is that there are two kinds: the too long ones, that you have to bend and twist in order to bring them to a more reasonable length, and the too short ones. The second kind was bloody better represented among my cables.
Well, cursing a lot and trying not to use the axe, after eight to nine hours of hard work, I managed to get everything connected, and quite in a fashionable style (no cables in the middle of the room, the monitor is at his place and not on the corner closet, how the cord initially imposed, and so on). I felt very proud of myself. Then I started the computer. Then I TRIED to start the computer. Nothing.
And so I found out that the AC power cord was to short to reach the wall outlet.

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