"All mixed up" joke

a guy walks into a bar and sees a jug of money sitting on the tablE he says to the bartender "whats that money for" the bartender says "well its a contest you put in some loose change and then you get 3 tasks if you complete them all you win the money" the man says "ok sounds good" he put some money in the jug and asked the bartender for the 1st task the bartender replied "ok see that big biker dude over there... well you got to knok him out with one punch" so the man walks over and knocks him out with one punch! go back to the bartender and says "that was easy give me the last 2 tasks" the bartender replies "there is a dog in the back with a sore tooth you have to go pull it and there is an 80 year old women upstairs lookin for some sex she hasnt got any in a long time" the man says "no problem" he goes to the back with the dog and all the bartender hears is yelping and crying. the man comes oput and says " OK WHERES THE LADY WITH THE SORE TOOTH !!!"

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