"Afraid of the Dark" joke

A little boy was afraid of the dark. One night his mother told him to go out to the back porch and bring her the broom. The little boy turned to his mother and said, “Mama, I don't want to go out there. It's dark.”The mother smiled reassuringly at her son. “You don't have to be afraid of the
dark,” she explained. “Jesus is out there. He'll look after you and protect you.”The little boy looked at his mother real hard and asked, “Are you sure he's out there?”“Yes, I'm sure. He is everywhere, and he is always ready to help you when you need him,” she said.The little boy thought about that for a minute and then went to the back door and cracked it a little. Peering out into the darkness, he called, “Jesus? If you're out
there, would you please hand me the broom?”

Bill Clinton steps out onto the White House lawn in the dead of winter. Right in
front of him, on the White House lawn, he sees "The President Must Go" written
in urine across the snow.
Well, old Bill is pretty ticked off. He storms into his security more...


Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse were up in a hotel room and decided that they wanted to have sex. Well, the first thing Minnie asks is, "Do you have a condom?"
Donald says "No."
Minnie tells Donald that if he doesn't get a condom that they can't have sex more...


Did you hear about the welfare doll? You wind it up and it doesn't work.


Doctor's son: Hello, old man. What's the matter? You're looking glum.
Doctor: No wonder. I'm attending that wealthy Mr Golddig, you know, and I've sent him the wrong medicine.
Son: Indeed! Is it a serious blunder?
Doctor: Very, very serious. The medicine I've sent more...


Doctor, doctor i feel like i am being ignored
Docter:Next please!

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