"Addicted to Your Cell Phone?" joke

Addicted to Your Cell Phone? Tangled in a web of wireless? Maybe you should ask yourself these questions.1. Do parts of your body tingle when you get free cell phone minutes?2. Does raising your children interfere with programming your speed dial?3. Do you have long-distance conversations while sitting on the toilet in a public restroom?4. Does the term fashion statement mean to you matching your outfit with your cell phone carrying case?5. When getting into a car accident, is your first response "Can you hold on a moment, I’m hemorrhaging?"6. Does the sound of static trigger dark memories of ill-fated connections?7. Do you use the menu light as your night light?8. Does it take you an hour on a regular phone to get the same feeling of a five-minute cellular call?9. When receiving a phone call, do you ever ask the film projectionist to lower the volume of the movie?

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