"A young lad is caught stealing soap" joke

A young lad is caught stealing soap from the local soap factory. When the case comes to court the judge decides to make an example of him to discourage other youths from a life of crime.
Judge: "Well, what have you to say in your defense?"
Boy: "Only that I'm sorry your honor."
Judge: "Hrmph. I sentence you to 10 years hard labor, starting immediately."
Boy: "But sir, it was only a few bars of cheap soap!"
Judge: "Consider yourself lucky! - It could have been life boy."

A burgler walked into a quiet little house at the end of a road.
He was stealing diamonds when he hears
"Jesus is watching you"
The guy freaks and turns around, seeing nothing he goes back to stealing diamonds.
And again he hears
"Jesus is more...

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