"A lot of strange deliveries to Nelson Mandela" joke

One day in Soweto a delivery truck pulls up outside the Mandela house. The driver gets out and unloads al pile of boxes on to the front lawn. At this point Winnie Mandela arrives back from shopping and accosts the driver: "What are you doing? What is all this stuff on my garden!"
"Look lady," says the driver "see this paper it say 150 car batteries for Nelson Mandela."
And with that he jumps in his truck and drives off.
The next day The truck again pulls up outside the Mandela house and the driver starts to unload. This time Winnie runs out shouting: "What are you doing now?"
"Lokk lady, It says here 200 brake shoes for Nelson Mandela"
"But what does my Nelson want with 200 Brake shoes and 150 batteries, take them away!" shouts Winnie
"No lady I have to leave them or I get the sack", says the driver who has now finished throwing boxes on to the grass, and drives off.
The following day the truck pulls up and starts throwing tyres on to the now packed lawn. Winnie runs out and starts shouting again: "What now, Tyres! take all this stuff away this instant!"
"Look lady, this paperwork say 300 tyres for Nelson Mandela, I have to leave them for him"
"Show me that paperwork" shouts Winnie, and with that she grabs the sheet out of the driver's hand.
"You idiot!" Shouts Winnie "this say 300 tyres for Nissan Main Dealer"

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