"A blonde gets on a elevator..." joke

A blonde gets on a elevator and a man is standing there and she turned and
smiled at him and said; "Hi... T.G.I.F."
" S.H.I.T. " replied the man
"Excuse me...how rude T.G.I.F." responded the blonde
"S.H.I.T." replied that man
"Maybe you don't know what I am saying, T.G.I.F means Thank Goodness It's
" You didn't understand me, S.H.I.T... "Sorry honey, it's Thursday"

A business man got on an elevator in a building. When he entered the
elevator, there was a blonde already inside and she greeted him by
saying, "T-G-I-F"? (letters only).
He smiled at her and replied,"S-H-I-T" (letters only)."
She looked more...


A blonde walks on an elevator and there is 1 other man on there and the blonde says "T.G.I.F." and the man replied "S.H.I.T." then they argued about the words and finally the blonde says thank gosh its friday and the man replies sorry hun its thursday.


"Yo Momma is so fat that when she entered the elevator and pressed the 'up' button, the elevator went down!"
"Oh yeah? Yo Momma is so fat that she can't even fit in the elevator!!"

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