"A Speech Problem" joke

There was once a boy with a speech problem who had loved doing chores for his mother. One day his mother had sent him to town with a list of chores to do for her. His mother made sure to call all the stores that her son would go to so that they would know what he would want.
First, the boy set out to the hardware store and asked the clerk for a fuckit
The clerk said, Yes, your mother called you want a bucket!
Then, the boy went to the local bakery and asked the clerk for a bum
The clerk said, That's right your mother called and you want a bun!
Then, the boy set out for his treat. He went to the local pet shop and asked the clerk for a cockand spankit
The clerk said, Oh yeah, your mother called and you want a cocker spaniel!
The boy left the pet shop with the bucket and bun in one hand and the cocker spaniel in the other. The cocker spaniel wiggled until he got loose and ran away.
The boy say an old woman who was walking by and asked her, Can you hold my bum and fuckit while I go catch my cockand spankit?

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