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    A blonde walks into an electronics store and asks the guy at the counter if she could buy this toaster, pointing to it. The guy sais No, because your blonde. So she comes back the next day after changing her hair colour. She asks if she cane buy a taster, pointing to it. The guy sais No, because your blonde. She does the same thing the next day and gets the same reply, so she asks the guy How can you tell im blonde? The guy sais Thats not a toaster, its a microwave!

    Q: Did you hear about Michael Jackson's toaster?
    A: The bread goes in brown, and comes out white.

    A woman went into a department store and told the clerk that she wanted to return a toaster for refund because it didn't work. The clerk told her that he couldn't give her a refund because she bought it on special.

    All of a sudden the woman threw her arms up and yelled, "Grab my Breasts! Grab my breasts!"

    The clerk didn't know what to do, so he called the store manager who asked her if he can help.

    She explained that she wanted to return the nonworking toaster for refund, and he told her that he would not give her a refund because she bought the toaster on special.

    Once again she yelled, "Grab my breasts! Grab my breasts!"

    The manager was taken aback and asked her why she was yelling that particular phrase.

    She replied, "Because I like my breasts grabbed when I'm getting screwed!"

    One of my daughter's wedding presents was a toaster oven. Soon after the honeymoon, she and her husband tried it out. Almost immediately, smoke billowed out of the toaster. "Get the owner's manual!" her husband shouted.
    "I can't find it anywhere!" she cried, searching through the box.
    "Oops!" came a voice from the kitchen. "Well, the toast is fine, but the owner's manual is burnt to a crisp."

    If Oracle made toasters... They'd claim their toaster was compatible with all brands and styles of bread, but when you got it home you'd discover the Bagel Engine was still in development, the Croissant Extension was three years away and that, indeed, the whole appliance was just blowing smoke. If Hewlett-Packard made toasters... They would market the Reverse Toaster, which takes in toast and gives you regular bread. If IBM made toasters... They would want one big toaster where people bring bread to be submitted for overnight toasting. IBM would claim a worldwide market for five, maybe six toasters. If Xerox made toasters... You could toast one-sided or double-sided. Successive slices would get lighter and lighter. The toaster would jam your bread for you. If Radio Shack made toasters... The staff would sell you a toaster, but not know anything about it. Or you could buy all the parts to build your own toaster. If Thinking Machines made toasters... You would be able to toast 64,000 more...

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