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    *Background Info: uracil is a nitrogen base in mRNA, a substance used in protein synthesis.
    Who's there?
    Uracil who?
    Uracilly, crazy person if ya don't let me in!

    Mission to Mars
    (Space Shuttle with two trained monkeys and a blonde astronaut)
    The Mission Control Room in the US calls the Space Shuttle.
    "Monkey 1, Monkey 1, report to communications for instructions."
    The trained monkey sits down and he is told to release the pressure in compartment 1, increase the temperature in engine 4 and to release oxygen to the reactors.
    So the monkey does the pressure, temperature, and releases the oxygen.
    A few moments later, headquarters calls again: "Monkey 2, Monkey 2,
    report to communications for instructions."
    Monkey 2 sits down and he is told to add Carbon Dioxide to room 4, to stop the fuel injection to engine 3, to add nitrogen to the fuel compartment and to analyze the solar radiation.
    Monkey 2 does the carbon dioxide, the fuel injection, the nitrogen and the analysis of solar radiation.
    A little later on, headquarters calls again: "Female Astronaut 1, please report to communications more...

    Forwarded from a guy at MIT who knows this guy at WPI. Story confirmed by a co-employee who graduated from MIT. Unfortunately we don't have an e-dress for Mikey to REALLY confirm this, but then, who would make THIS up?; -)


    And so I get back to school, start my senior year, two research projects, grad school applications, GRE preparation, and the like. The year started off good, but that all changed about two months ago. Some of you (especially those at Berkeley) may have heard rumors of some bizarre accident that I was involved in. So here is the truth, unabridged, for those of you who actually want to know...

    Around the second week of school, the society of physics students held a roughly annual welcome back party, and, as tradition dictates, we made our own ice cream with liquid nitrogen (77 K) as a refrigerant and aerator.

    Things were going fine for a while. We spilled a little of the nitrogen onto a table, and more...

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