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    Teacher: Where Were U Born?
    Ravi: Maharastra
    Teacher: Spell It
    Ravi: I Just Remember I Was Born In Goa.

    Snow in Goa


    A Punjabi Bibi (wife) goes on Vacation to Goa. There she meets a Big Black Dravidian Man from Malabar. Overawed by his musculature, she invites him to her bed that night. By the next morning the Aryan Bibi has had the best sex of her entire life. Impressed, she asks him his name. But he refuses to tell.

    So she has intercourse with him every night without knowing his name. Finally after her 7th & last night she insists he tell her so she can remember forever.
    So he finally reveals it, 'Panikkatti'.
    'That's a nice name!' she says. 'What does it mean in Malabari languages, I mean Malayalam, Tulu or Niligiri ?'

    He hesitates but then explains, 'It means Snow.'
    At this the Begum (lady) bursts into laughter. The Shudra becomes angry and asks, 'Why are you laughing at me ?'
    The Bibi replies, 'I'm not laughing at you, but at my Punjabi Shohar (husband). He will never believe me when I tell him I had One Foot of Snow every day in Goa !!!'

    The Super Computer stood at the end of the Computer Company`s production line. At which point the guided tour eventually arrived. The salesman stepped forward to give his prepared demo. "This", he said, "is the Super Computer. It will give an intelligent answer to any question you may care to ask it". At which a Clever Guest stepped forward - there is always one - and spoke into the Computer`s microphone. "Where is my father?" he asked. There was a whirring of wheels and flashing of lights that the manufacturers always use to impress lay people, and then a little card popped out. On it were printed the words: Fishing off Goa. Clever Guest laughed. "Actually", he said, "My father is dead"! It had been a tricky question! The salesman, carefully chosen for his ability to think fast on his feet, immediately replied that he was sorry the answer was unsatisfactory, but as computers were precise, perhaps he might care to rephrase his question more...

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