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    Mid-Wife: Moolla Sahib, Your Bibi (wife) just had Triplets.
    Moolla Do-Pyaza (ogling Mid-Wife): No Wonder! My Zubb (penis) is as Big as a Minar!
    Mid-Wife (unimpressed): Then Your Safed Minar (White Tower) Must be Still Much Smaller than those Dravidian Char-Minars, because all Her Children are Kala (black)!
    Moolla Do-Pyaza (shocked & ashamed): Ya Allah!
    Mid-Wife: You should be happy I only compared Length. Had I compared Weight or Volume, then the Dravidian Man has a Dass-Minar (Ten-Tower) compared to you Aryan Londas (Boys)!

    Moolla Do-Pyaza & his Bibi (wife), the Moollani, are returning home from the Durbar (congregation) of Caliph Akbar. On the road, Moollaji enters a public urinal. Soon thereafter Mukunda Deva Telinga, the Big Black Dravidian Subahdar of Telingana & Orissa, also enters. He greets the Moolla, stands next to him & they talk for a while as they relieve themselves. When Do-Pyaza comes out, the Moollani pesters him.

    Moollani: What be the size of that Dravidian man's penis? Is it big and black like they say?
    Moolla: I did not look.
    Moollani: Really? I heard ye two talking all the while, so he must have been standing next to thee!
    Moolla: Oh that is what thou meanest! Yes, I did see it. It is black, but we are both the same size. My penis is six oonglees (four and half inches) long, and so is his.
    Moollani (doubtful): Really? If that be so, then swearest thou by the Quran!
    Moolla: Well, if that be the case, then I mean his is six oonglees .... but more...

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