"there once was a sales clerk named..." joke

there once was a sales clerk named John, while at work his boss asked him to make a dilivery. Hey having the othmost respect for his boss accepted the job and set of
while driving about half way there his car tire blew out. having no spare he walked to the nearest auto shop and bought one. once he returned he discovered that his car was gone. onlyn the flat tire was left he thought to himself and said (things cant get any worse) he started walkinng. while walking a man in a car stopped and offered him a ride. he gleefully accepted.
while driving the car skidded off the road and crashed, the gas from the tank was leaking and was ignighted by a spark and it blew up tearing off most of Johns clothes, and killing the driver. walking alone on this lonel road, with only peices of clothes and his wallet, he thought to himself (things cant get any worse) then it started to rain and he said once again (things cant get any worse) then he was struck by a bolt of lightening. after regaining contiousness he said (things cant get any worse) five minutes later a gang of white men robbed him and stole his wallet and remaining bits of clothes (things cant possibly get worse) he thought, instantly he was struk by lightening again (things cant in any way possible under the sun get worse than this) walking with a twitch limp an naked he was pounced upon by black men who beat him and tied him to a pole (ok if things get any worse then i will be convinced that God hates me) then lightening struck him again instantly. (there is nothing else that can possible wose than this) he said (there is no form of tourcher that can be worse than this, he has emptied his arsenol there is nothing left!!!) on the pole for an hour after kids passed and moked and laughed at him and a dog peed on him a red car stopped and his boss came out.right now he says to himself (finaly its over). (John? what happened to you?) the boss asked (boy its not my day boss fist my car tire blew out, then it was stolen, then a car accident, then some guys beat me and lightening and the dog, boy its just not my day) his boss then looked at him there naked on the pole and looked him up and down, then walked around the back behind john, unzipped his pants and said (john this really isnt you day )

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