"Mukunda Deva Telinga and the Effect of Water" joke


One of the glorious Caliph Akbar's massive Durbars (Congregations) has just ended. Mukunda Deva Telinga, Caliph Akbar's recently-appointed Dravidian Subahdar (Governor) of Telingana and Orissa, retires to the hammam-bath. After a short while, Moollah Do-Pyaza and Raja Man Singh, two of the Navratans ("Nine Jewels") of the court, enter the same bath. Astonished by the gigantic size of the Dravidian man's abnusi (ebony) genitals, Moolla Do Pyaza points down at Mukunda Telinga's one-foot long Big Black Dravidian penis and tells Raja Man Singh, "By Allah! Look at the size of that Kala Shudra Lund (black Sudra penis)!"
At this the Telinga retorts, "Doesn't the Aryan man's Lingammu (penis) shrink while in cold neeru (water) ?"

Mid-Wife: Moolla Sahib, Your Bibi (wife) just had Triplets.
Moolla Do-Pyaza (ogling Mid-Wife): No Wonder! My Zubb (penis) is as Big as a Minar!
Mid-Wife (unimpressed): Then Your Safed Minar (White Tower) Must be Still Much Smaller than those Dravidian Char-Minars, more...

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