"When Hell Freezes Over" joke

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An explosion killed a navy boilerman and he wound up in hell. Being used to stroking fires and extremely hot temperatures, he found hell actually quite comfortable. When satan went to check out the new arrival, he found him sitting in his room smiling. "You like this?", satan asked.

"Yes, sir", said the sailor, "this feels like a spring day to me."

Not wanting the new guy to be too comfortable, satan turned up the heat a lot. When he went back to see how his new arrival was doing, the sailor was still happy. He hadn't even broken a sweat.

"I like this kind of weather", he told satan. Satan decided to try something different. Rather than turn up the heat, he turned it off. He made the sailor's room form icicles. When he checked on the guy, the room was icy and he was shivering, but he had a grin from ear to ear.

"Why are you so happy?", satan demanded. "It's freezing in here!" "I'm from Denver," said the sailor. "and this must mean the Broncos have won the Superbowl!"

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