"U.S. Threatened to Bomb Pakistan" joke

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After 9/11, the U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan, "back to the Stone Age."
The plans were cancelled after Pakistan's president pointed out that the U.S. would be bombing his country up to the Stone Age.

Iranian president Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University in New York.
You know who’s got to really hate this? The former president of Harvard. All he did was say women aren’t as good at math as men are, and he got fired. He recently told the media, “I make a sexist more...

Sudan has found the British teacher who allowed students to name a teddy bear'Muhammad' guilty of insulting religion and inciting hatred against Islam, and has sentenced her to 15 days in jail and to deportation.

Upon hearing this news, people all over Sudan began more...

I think, therefore I'm single.

A Middle Eastern passenger at Chicago's O'Hare airport was stopped by screeners when they noticed a susp*cious looking object in his bag. It resembled a grenade and when asked, he said it was a bomb.
It turns out it wasn't a bomb, it was a penis pump.
See how important more...

Iran's Holocaust denial conference earlier this week has been met with near universal condemnation. President Bush called it "an affront to the civilized world." British Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was "shocking beyond belief." Even Mel Gibson was more...

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