"Toothache" joke

A man has a toothache, so he goes to see his dentist.
After examining the tooth, the dentist tells the man he is going to have to give him an injection for the pain.
The man says, "No way! I don't want an injection."
The dentist replies, "OK, I'll give you gas."
"Noooo!" shrieks the man. "I don't want any gas."
"Fine," says the dentist, "I'm going to give you some Viagra!"
"Viagra?" exclaims the man. "What for?"
"You're going to need something to hang on to when I pull your tooth!"

A man who suffered from impotence went to see his doctor for help. The doctor suggested he try a revolutionary new injection made from monkey glands. Willing to give it a try, the man was given the injection.
Much to the man's delight, it worked. Nine months and one week more...

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