"Three Mysterious Grooves" joke

Sheikh Chilli returns to his favourite Delhi Mai-Khana (restaurant) after a long pilgrimage. Joining his dosts (friends) at the central Burra Mez (Big Table), he takes his favourite seat & then discovers three strange parallel grooves marked into the wood. One is situated two inches, the second three inches, & the third four inches from the edge of his side of the table. Puzzled, he asks his companions what these mean. But they become embarassed by his question & avoid answering him. Irritated, he decides to wait till the Kad-Banu (hostess) arrives.
"By Allah, my dear Kad-Banu," he asks her when she comes. "What is the meaning of these mysterious shinkas (grooves)?"
"Last week three Dravidian men were here," she explains. "And they measured the size of their Lunds (penises)."
"Ha!" Chilli exclaims. "Who said us Punjabi men have small Zubbs (pricks)? I am bigger than them!" With that, he lets down his pyjamas &, pulling on his member, places it on the table. To his utmost satisfaction, his supara (acorn or glans penis) barely crosses the third depression.
"Oye! See, I am larger than all of them! Just proves that the common stereotype of Dravidian men having big Lingas (dicks) is totally wrong!" he exclaims in triumph. But strangely, his dosts seem uneasy.
Then the Kad-Banu says, unimpressed, "You can put your Doodool (pee-pee) back again, Chilli Sahib - they stood at the OPPOSITE end of the table!"

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