"The Coolidge Effect" joke

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a supposedly true story from:
Bermant, G. (1976). Sexual behavior: Hard times with the Coolidge
Effect. In M. H. Siegel & H. P. Zeigler (Eds.), /Psychological
Research: The inside story/ (pp. 76-103). New York: Harper & Row.
One day the President and Mrs. Coolidge were visiting a government
farm. Soon after their arrival they were taken off on separate tours.
When Mrs. Coolidge passed the chicken pens she paused to ask the man in
charge if the rooster copulates more than once each day. "Dozens of
times," was the reply. "Please tell that to the President," Mrs.
Coolidge requested.
When the President passed the pens and was told about the
roosters, he asked, "Same hen every time?" "Oh no, Mr.
President, a different one each time." The President nodded
slowly, then said, "Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."

"Silent Cal" Coolidge may have been the least voluble of all U.S. presidents.
He was very well known to be a man of few words.
Once, a reporter said to him: "I have a wager on with the boys back at the paper, who bet me I couldn't get you to say three more...

When someone complained to Calvin Coolidge about his habitual silence he replied, "Well, I found out early in life that you didn't have to explain something you hadn't said."

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