"Tamil Nadu Express" joke

The 2 Miyans are working as teachers at Delhi Womens' College, both taking classes together. But the short & rotund Chota Miyan, who looks like a Bengali or Marathi, has become jealous of the tall & slender Burra Miyan, who looks like a Punjabi or Kashmiri & has become popular with the girls. So Chotoo lays out a plan to make them forget "Burroo" forever.
Finally, his day arrives. Both partners come to the class-room, which has about 100, mostly Punjabi & Oudhi, women.
"My Banus (girls), today we study male anatomy," Chotoo commences, opening his bag. He then takes out & holds up a specimen jar labelled "ARYAN MALE GENITALIA" which contains a small thumb-sized pink penis perched over 2 almond-sized testes. "This is what Punjabi Boys have," he states. "Maybe they remind you of your Yaar (lover), your Bhai (brother) or of Burroo !" Some girls giggle.
Next he takes out another jar labelled "DRAVIDIAN MALE GENITALIA", which contains a huge foot-long black penis hanging over 2 orange-sized testes. Holding it near the 1st, he announces. "This is what TAMIL men have." Gawking at the contrast in mock surprise, he continues, "Oh! Look how much bigger & better those Madrasis are! Just proves the stereotype about Dravidian Penis size is correct! Now you know why Burroo's Bibi is cheating on him with a Malabari!"
The senior girls laugh loudly & Burroo is crushed. But some junior girls leave. So Chotoo exclaims, "Wait! The Tamil Nadu Express doesn't leave till next week!"

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