"Sinhala Jokes" joke

An Englishman, an American and a Sinhala man are called
upon to test a lie detector. The Englishman says. "I think I can
empty 20 bottles of beer". BUZZZZZZ goes the lie detector. "Ok, 10
bottles". And themachine is silent. The American says. "I think
I can eat 15 hamburgers". BUZZZZZZ goes the lie detector.
"all right, 8 hamburgers". And the machine's silent.
The Sinhala man says: "I think...", BUZZZZZZ goes the
Having lost his donkey a Banda, got down to his
knees and started thanking God. A passerby saw him and asked,"Your
donkey is missing; what are you thanking God for?
The Banda replied "I am thanking Him for seeing
to it that I wasn't riding the donkey at that time, otherwise I
would have been missing too."
Appugami saw that his friend Banda was
very depressed. "What happened? " asked Appugami.
"Man, I lost Rs. 800 in a bet yesterday. ""How come? "
"Well, yesterday, the one-day match between SriLanka and England was
being shown live on TV. I bet Rs. 500 that SriLanka
would win, but I lost the bet."
" But that's only Rs. 500, where did the rest go? "
" Man, I bet on the highlights too!"
A Sinhala man with two red ears went to his doctor. The
doctor asked him what had happened to his ears and he
answered,"I was ironing a shirt and the phone rang - but
instead of picking up the phone accidentallypicked up
the iron and stuck it to my ear." "Oh Dear!" the doctor
exclaimed in disbelief. "But. . what happened to
your other ear?" "That son of a bitch called back
after sometime"

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