"Sauna Competition" joke

Five Scandinavian men were going to prove who was man enough to endure a really hot sauna. One of the men was an electrical engineer and wired the benches such that if your butt left the surface, an alarm would sound, ending the contest for the unlucky participant.
The ambient temperature of the sauna was set to rise from 80 degrees Celsius in half-degree increments every minute. In 40 minutes, it would be at 100 degrees, the boiling point of fresh water. A device was created so that water was poured onto the hot rocks at a rate of about 30 milliliters (one ounce) every minute. It was going to be a pressure cooker.
To keep things fair, the men were completely undressed. They drew straws to see who would sit where on the top bench. Closer to the rocks was a slight disadvantage - the one sitting there would get the steam a full 1/2 second before the last person.
It started off well. The men were joking, but soon it got seriously warm. It wasn't long before the highest part of the bodies were the hairs on the butts. Heads were drooped as low as possible to breathe the slightly cooler air.
The Icelandic gentleman gave up first, followed shortly thereafter by the Danish contestant. It was down to the Finn, the Swede and the Norwegian. The Nordic men were not willing to lose face to the competition. Yet, self-preservation sent the Norwegian racing for the door.
The Finn and Swede eyed each other, trying to psyche each other out. By this time, you could have cooked a full course meal in the sauna. The Swede suffered the humiliation of losing to his neighbor and evacuated the sauna.
Now the four men watched, through a special heat resistant window, as the Finn stayed behind enduring the rising heat and the pressure cooker effect.
What could he be trying to prove? He already won the contest. A minute passed, then 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 20 minutes. A little over 30 minutes after the Swede had quit the contest, the Finn emerged from the sauna. His skin was blistered, as first and second degree burns took effect.
Finally catching his breath, he groaned, "My stupid balls were caught between the planks."

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